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River Rules and Helpful Hints

1. The individual that signs up for your group is responsible for any damages done to the equipment by members of that group.

2. The individual must have a driver's license ready when they sign up and must have an exact count of the number of people in your party. This person also must have the groups money together when they sign up.

3. Deposits sent in for reservations are non refundable unless there is severe weather.

4. If there is severe weather Duggan's requests that you wait at least until 2pm to take your trip before deposits will be refunded.

5. For environmental reasons, glass bottles, Styrofoam coolers and water balloons are not allowed on the river.

6. A deposit of $50 per group (larger groups will be more) is required the day of your trip to ensure that all equipment is returned in good condition and that you and your group are back on time. Your deposit will be kept if you are late. The deposits for rafts are $75.00.

7. Duggan's is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

8. BROKEN or LOST canoe paddles are $35.00, kayak paddles are $75.00, paddle board paddle $100. LOST cushions are $25.00, life jackets are $35.00, and tubes are $35.

9. NO HARD LIQUOR is allowed.

10. Duggan's discourages the use of alcoholic beverages while on the river and we do not allow more than eight 12 oz cans of beer per watercraft on the river. We reserve the right to check coolers and refuse service if this policy is not followed.

11. We allow 1 large cooler in small rafts and 2 large coolers in big rafts. Please bring garbage bags for your empty cans and garbage. If the raft comes back with garbage or cans in the bottom of it we will keep your deposit.

12. Please leave the river as it was when you arrived for your trip.

13. Remember to bring along sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellant. Leave your valuables in the car and secure your keys in a safe place.

14. PADDLE AT YOUR OWN RISK! All persons using a canoe, kayak or raft from this livery are advised that, pursuant to Public Act 183 of 2006, an owner of a non-motorized livery boat is not liable for injury to, or the death of, a user of the non-motorized livery boat resulting from a risk inherent in the use or operation of a non-motorized boat. Risks inherent in the use or operation are:

•  Water motion or wave

•  Weather Conditions

•  Contact or maneuvers necessary to avoid contact with another boat, a man-made object, rock, sand, vegetation or other objects in or near the water

•  Malfunction of equipment

•  Failure to use or wear a personal flotation device

•  Action of boat operator

•  Number of persons in the boat in excess of maximum number approved for the livery boat

Thank You!

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